The House

Established in London in 2017, Siah Howard is writing a new chapter on bespoke clothing and Haute Couture. Having shown at Paris Fashion Week and been featured in Vogue, the industry is sitting up and taking notice.

With a creative director and CEO who doubles as the brand’s internationally recognised designer, this fashion label is turning bespoke, handmade clothing into your only new-season essential, encompassing a blend of strong femininity, refined glamour, elevated elegance and timelessness in its appeal.

The highest quality fabrics, the perfect fit and the details you choose that make every piece unique. Bespoke fashion allows you to wear clothing that is entirely yours. Siah Howard, we’re standing up against the environmental dangers of the fast fashion industry.

Moving against the industry trends of fast fashion, waste and unethical working conditions, choosing bespoke and custom made clothing is truly a sustainable approach to shopping that our customers love.

Siah Howard continually pursue excellence and the very best in design and craftsmanship striving to set new standards of quality by fusing tradition and modern luxury, we create products that remain true to the values of the brand that confirm our absolute commitment to providing the highest levels of quality that allow us to set the tone as an innovator in the world of luxury. Siah Howard holds the art of female allure at its core.