Haute Couture Bridal


You will meet with our Creative Director for a one-to-one personalized consultation at our by appointment at our London Maison.  During the consultation, we will discuss your wedding day, what you like and dream about wearing. You can bring photos and color inspirations, and you’ll be shown the latest images for silhouettes as well as color palettes with fabrics and embroideries.


 After the initial consultation, creative director Siah Howard & her team of designers will have a better understanding of your needs and will create a design with a sketch especially for you. Once this design is complete, a second appointment will be booked for you to come forward with the design. During this consultation, you will approve the design, and make any adjustments needed prior to start crafting the unique piece.

I was looking to have m wedding dress made when I met Siah, and I cannot say how lucky I was She listened carefully to me, asked me lot of questions, and was extremely focused and enthusiastic. The result was beyond all my expectations – she manages to turn my ideas into something even more beautiful than I’d expected. She is not only a very talented designer with amazing sewing skills and great creativity, but she is also a very incredibly enjoyable warm and friendly person, which has made the whole process a thoroughly enjoyable experience. She is generous with her time, gives a lot of precious advice and above all, she has shown so much passion and dedication for the project that I’ve always felt utterly confident that she was the best person to design my wedding dress. A huge thank you Siah!!! xxx


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